Success Insights from Three-Time Super Bowl Champ, Bart Oates

Few NFL veterans have achieved the kind of post-league business success experienced by three-time Super Bowl champion, Bart Oates. Listen to my insightful 15-minute interview with Bart to hear his thoughts on success, motivation, perseverance and more. Access the audio here.


Ron Artest’s Return Key to Lakers Turnaround?

With the return of “Metta World Peace,” AKA Ron Artest, the Los Angeles Lakers look to secure a defensive-minded forward on a team that is vying for a playoff position this year.

In his last stint with the team, which spanned over a four year period, Artest etched his name in the history books for both good and bad reasons. For one, World Peace will definitely be remembered for his on-court antics. Reflecting on the past, World Peace helped secure Los Angeles’ 2010 NBA Championship by knocking down a clutch three pointer in the closing seconds of game seven. However, he also carries notoriety throughout the league due to a controversial play in which he elbowed then Oklahoma City Thunder shooting guard James Harden in the face. This is a risky move for an organization who is looking only to improve.

That is exactly what general manager Mitch Kupchak believes World Peace can deliver to the organization: improvement. “Personally, I think [there’s] a lot of things he brings to the table…” Kupchak said. For the past month, World Peace has reportedly been training at the Lakers’ facility, while also mentoring young players such as Julius Randle—a sophomore forward who was injured in his rookie debut last season.

The main motivation Kupchak seemingly has in bringing World Peace to the team is his leadership. The 35 year old veteran clearly has an influence in the locker room, and with such a young squad, he’s reportedly held his own in the practices. However, since his departure from the New York Knicks in 2014, World Peace hasn’t played in an NBA game but rather logged playing time in the Chinese and Italian basketball leagues.

Could World Peace be the missing link the Lakers’ need? He has some steep competition in order to make the team, having received a non-guaranteed, one-year deal in which he will battle for one of three open roster spots against young talent that will pose new challenges all on their own. If he does make the team, he just may get the bench to provide extra defensive mentality in what seems to be shaping up as a turnaround season for the Lakers.

High School Sprinter Breaks Track and Field Record

It’s always my pleasure to cite record-breaking news items of note. Here’s an item pertaining to high school girls’ track and field that isn’t confined to a specific school or state record, but rather a national-level achievement.

In Albany, New York, Rush-Henrietta High School sophomore, Sammy Watson, has set the second fastest 400 meter dash sprint time in the nation…and with no starting blocks! Usually, before a race begins, the runners take their stance on a pair of running blocks intended to help get the runner get off to a good start. However, in a previous race in which Watson used the blocks, she didn’t post a time she wanted, and therefore decided to approach this subsequent race with no blocks whatsoever.

As the starting gun sounded, Watson propelled herself from a standing start, and eventually won the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Division I girls 400 final in 52.69 seconds, reflecting a meet record. With that performance, Watson moved up the leaderboard, raising up from a third place position to second place nationwide. This was reportedly the first time Watson had won a state championship, and, in doing so, she also lowered the Section V record she had also notably reset during sectionals the month prior.

Maybe someday we’ll all be watching Watson represent The United States in the Olympics. Only time will tell, but she seems to be sprinting in the right direction!