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Bio: San Diego-based high school scholar and broadcast media prodigy Mason Kern currently serves as a “Teen Correspondent” for various TV, radio and online media outlets across the U.S., including regular monthly live appearances on XETV's San Diego Living program where he showcases sports and fitness product innovations in his own branded segments. Mason is also a sports reporter who delivers current event-based "Youth Sport Reports"​ with the KOKS radio program. He also interviews pro athletes for his work with (his own brand), and, among other distribution platforms and pursuits. Mason commenced broadcasting early in his sophomore year in high school (2014-2015) when he was just 15 years of age. He will graduate high school in June of 2017 and aspires to attend a top-tier collegiate sports broadcasting/journalism program. --View TV footage of Mason's Product Trend reports here: --Listen to audio of Mason's Radio & Podcast interviews here: --View a press release announcing Mason's roles with XETV here: In addition to his broadcast endeavors, Mason also serves as a Teen Correspondent for The Luxe List ( internationally syndicated leisure and lifestyle media outlet. He also does paid intern work with Kern Communications (, a boutique public relations and marketing communications agency, where he lends creative and operational support. Mason, a perennial honor roll student, community volunteer and skilled athlete, is a member in good standing with the San Diego Press Club and the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS). Mason was also extended the invitation-only honor to attend the prestigious 2015 Washington Journalism and Media Conference in D.C., serving as a National Youth Correspondent. --Twitter: @SportsWatchdogs --Facebook: /TheSportsWatchdog --Instagram: #TheSportsWatchdog --YouTube:

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