My Top 5 Experiences at WJMC

Throughout the course of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, us National Youth Correspondents have experienced a multitude of speeches, monuments, and new friendships. The top five that stand out to me are the events that impacted me the most thus far on my trip, and will last with me for the rest of my life, they are as follows.

1. My favorite activity on the trip so far has been the speech given to us by Kevin McCarthy, an entertainment reporter, because it was a Skype call that he took the time to make from Spain! He was very enthusiastic when speaking to us, and we could tell that he was very passionate about what he does. We also ended up creating our own “hashtag” in #nerdtears.

2. Next up on my list would be our adventure to the global headquarters of National Geographic, where we heard another speech by Susan Goldberg, the first female editor-in-chief for the corporation. She was very moving and powerful in how she made her way to the top, and gave great advice to us aspiring journalists in the future. After her speech we had the opportunity to also visit two exhibits inside the building which were the Indian Jones exhibit, and the Monster Fish exhibit.

3. Third on my everlasting list of exciting adventures we have partaken in here at WJMC is the Newseum. This was a great opportunity to see first-hand the evolution of news through time, and get a better sense of what to expect up ahead in the future. There was a multitude of fun games, and a simulator that allowed us to act as a live news reporter, which was very exciting!

4. Number four on my list would be our trip to the National Press Club, where we heard a number of speeches by some of the most powerful journalists in the industry. The one that stood out the most to me was given by Sonya Ross, a Race and Ethnicity reporter for the Associated Press. She really related to all of us and encouraged us to strive for our best because journalism is a life long career, and I really appreciated that extra boost of confidence.

5. Lastly, number five on my list would be our Twilight Monument Tour, in which we went to some of the most major monuments in the Washington DC area. It was very inspiring to read all of the various quotes in each memorial, and to see some of the most influential people in America’s history be glorified forever in such a “monumental” fashion.

These were only five out of the numerous other activities planned out for all of us National Youth Correspondents here at WJMC, all of the information that I have gathered through our speeches, and group meetings will stick with me forever, as I try to make my mark on the world of journalism. As this experience nears its end, I reflect on all of the knowledge I have gained, and am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference.