My Top 5 Quotes Through the First 3 Days of WJMC

Throughout the entirety of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference so far, I have been witness to many great speeches by very powerful people in the business. I have received a new outlook on journalism as a whole, and how to look at things in a different viewpoint in not just journalism, but all that I do. These are my favorite quotes of the conference so far that I have been affected by the most, said by some great role models.

1.  “You all have a place in this vast industry of journalism, because this country craves information.” -Sonya Ross a Race and Ethnicity Editor for the Associated Press

2. “Ask critical, not cynical questions.” -Nicole Livas, a news anchor for WAVY-TV

3. “Follow the boss, not the job.” -Jamie Smith, a White House Correspondent

4. “Access is everything.” -Michael Shearm, a White House Correspondent for the Washington Post

5. “It’s going to be a lot better when there aren’t that many “firsts” for women.” -Susan Goldberg, the first female editor for National Geographic

As you can see these are very powerful messages conveyed by some of the most prolific journalists on the block. I feel so honored that I was able to listen to great advice by these wonderful people, and through these speeches I feel much more prepared for what my career and life have for me ahead. Stay tuned, because this isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing from me.