Former NFL Pro Helping Teens Tackle College Costs

Tutan Reyes, Founder, Credit Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarshp Fund
Tutan Reyes, Founder, Credit Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarshp Fund

If you’re like me, already planning for college, the future and life ahead, you may have realized that going to a college best suited for your career needs can be really expensive. Unfortunately, the costs are so high it is preventing kids to attend college at all. To help deserving students from low income households realize their collegiate dreams, Tutan Reyes, a former NFL lineman, founded the Beyond the Boroughs foundation.

Beyond the Boroughs is an organization that presents opportunities for students in need of scholarship funds to attend college. In the nearly seven years that the organization has been in existence, it has awarded almost 100 scholarships to students to attend such excellent schools as Syracuse University; the University of California, Davis; Princeton University and many more. This is a fabulous opportunity for teenagers who are ambitious to gain critical financial assistance from an organization whose mission is to “ease the financial hardships that deter the next generation of global contributors from pursuing higher education.”

To be eligible for this wonderful opportunity, there are a few requirements that need to be met. Luckily, any student in any state is eligible but the following criteria also applies: The student must be entering and/or currently attending an accredited four year college or university, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, come from a low income household and are involved in extracurricular activities or a job. Though I sense it’s not an actual requirement, the organization does state that it places “emphasis on providing assistance to first generation collegians.”

This organization has benefited the lives of many, and allowed many teens to pursue their career dreams. The next opportunity to apply for the scholarship opens on January 15 and closes March 15, 2015. Learn more about it online at I would encourage you to spread the word about this worthy organization.